The International Diving Educators Association (IDEA) was originally established in 1952 as part of the FSDA (Florida Skin Divers Association), and later changed to the Florida Scuba Divers Association. FSDA was a large group of very active Florida dive clubs and has been the voice of the diver since 1952. IDEA is proud of its past affiliation with FSDA. In Europe the first headquarters was established in 1992 in Italy, with name IDEA Italy, thanks to the efforts of President Gaetano Occhiuzzi, which purchases the rights to use the brand and the educational system. From the beginning of 1995 the Italian headquarters became the European headquarters and IDEA Europe was born, with regional offices in several countries of Europe and instructors also outside Europe. Click here to read more.
Attending an IDEA Europe diving course you will be trained by professional instructors, whose aim will be to make you a perfect diver, regardless of the time required. You will study on books of high level, in digital or on paper, based on our environment and on our way to dive. At the end of the course you will attain a certification of international value, issued by a training agency that signed several cooperation agreements, which has won many awards at national and international level and that is part of the largest worldwide confederation (WRSTC ) and European confederation (RSTC Europe ). The members of these structures have common educational standards and recognize each other in the world.  Moreover the training system of  IDEA Europe was certified conform to the ISO quality standards for recreational scuba training services.

Become an
IDEA Instructor!

The Idea Instructor course is planned in 3 modules. The first one consists in standards and procedures, theory and practice lesson planning of introductory courses, basic course and 1 star course. The qualification obtained is OWD Instructor. The second module consists in the study of the courses Advanced OWD, 2 star and Deep Diver courses. The qualification is Advanced Instructor, that allows to teach the courses Advanced OWD, 2 Stars, Deep Diver and apply for all Idea specialities. In the third module the Instructor Trainer will explain how to teach the courses Rescue Diver, Divemaster and Assistant Instructor; the qualification obtained is Scuba Instructor. 
Instructors in active status with recognised agencies can participate in a 3 days course (crossover); in this course the Instructor Trainer will train candidates to teach all the IDEA student courses. The qualification obtained after the crossover is Scuba Instructor.

With e-teaching 2.0
there are no distances!

You can not move from home to participate in a diving course? There is not an instructor in your area, or you have to travel many kilometers to reach it? Do you prefer to learn by private lesson, in times acceptable to you? No problem, with us you can attend classroom sessions as and when you want, you will move only to participate in the practical lessons in the water!
Thanks to our e-teaching 2.0 you will attend in the theory lessons via internet, you will study on digital books on-line and off-line, then you will take the written exam from anywhere in the world. Our system is different from others, it is not an e-learning but always puts the instructor at the center of teaching. In fact, thanks to the use of video conferencing and on-line training materials (for example the slides), you will have an instructor available, who will hold the lessons and will answers to your questions, as in a classroom. Then you will meet with him, or with another IDEA instructor, where you want and when you want, to perform the training in confined water and open water, necessary to complete the course.

If you like to dive in depth:
the IDEA Deep Diving courses 

We know very well that all the divers like the blue of the depth. But it is necessary to be well trained to make deep dives and we have courses for all kind of students.
The first is the Start System, which first level, 1 Star, allows and OWD to dive up to 25 meters, while the second level, 2 Stars, allows and Advanced OWD to dive up to 35 meters with a buddy and 40 meters under supervision. After we have courses for students certified Deep Diver. The first is Advanced Deep Diver, allows to dive at 45 mts, within safety curve. Then there is the Deco Rec course, allows to dive up to 50 mts depth with and deco stops (in air). Last course is Decompression Diver, allows to dive up to 50 mts depth with deco stops (in Nitrox). Time and air consumption must be planned in advanced with a dive computer/PC. In all courses for Deep Diver, time, air consumption and deco stops must be planned in advanced with a dive computer/PC. 

Create your digital IDEA card!

Yes, your IDEA Europe digital card with photo, to be saved on your smartphone or tablet, is ready and it's free! It also has a QR code, which photographed with a QR reader opens a page with the certification data stored in our database. Ask to an instructor IDEA to generate your digital card and send it to you by e-mail, or get your plastic cards to read the datas and click here to create your own digital card. The procedure is possible for all of IDEA Europe certifications, from our birth until today!

IDEA Divers Portal

If you are an IDEA student enter the portal dedicated to you. You will find e-books for the on-line study, the student certification verification, the check status of the Divemasters and Instructors IDEA, the procedure to create your digital cards. Bookmark this address in your web browser: